Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis provides quality, luxury boarding for all your pet needs.





Planning a vacation is stressful, it doesn't have to be for your pet. With a variety of lodgings at Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis we guarantee you'll find something that fits you and your pet's needs.



All our guest pets get time outside of their lodgings. For cats this means safely inside a private room with someone from our resort staff playing with them. For dogs we offer supervised individual or family play in a large play yard with both covered and open areas.



After our guest pets have had a blast playing with our resort staff in the play yard, they are escorted to their lodgings, where fresh plush bedding, cool water and a treat awaits them.

Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis

Our pet resort lobby is open 7 days a week from 7 am - 7 pm We’re on the north facing side of Burleson Animal Emergency Hospital.


12600 South Freeway, Burleson, TX 76028 (In the McAlister Shopping Center - with Academy and Half-Price Books)

Phone & Texting:

817-618-0000 Text us “boarding” for online booking and “maps” for directions




McAlister Mews Cat Condos are the purr-fect fit for your feline friends.


The McAlister Mews Cat Condos feature stainless steel design, allowing for a continuously clean environment for your beloved pet. Every cat condo guest receives plush bedding, bathroom utilities,  twice daily housekeeping and daily exercise time outside of their lodging including a pampering massage that's sure to please even the finickiest of felines from one of our caring, compassionate resort staff members.

$29 for 1 cat

$39 for 2 cats sharing

Prices are per day


cat lounging
cat nap

Our McAlister Village Condos are perfect for your small dog's needs.


Our McAlister Village Condos are the perfect size for small breed dogs, such as Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Poodles and Shih Tzus. Every condo guest at Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis receives a minimum of 4 outings a day, plush bedding, sanitary cotton liners, stainless steel food bowls and all the love they can handle from our compassionate resort staff.

$ 29 for 1 dog

$49 for 2 dogs sharing

$69 for 3 dogs sharing

Prices are per day


Largest Condo.jpg

McAlister Heights Executive Suites are ideal for medium & large dogs.


The Executive Suites at Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis feature sleek walls and glass front doors to keep your pet happy and healthy during their entire stay with us. The Executives are great for medium and large dogs or even housing up to 4 small breed dogs together. Every executive pet guest receives a minimum of 4 outings, plush bedding, stainless steel food and water bowls and tons of love and affection from our resort staff.

$39 for 1 dog

$69 for 2 dogs sharing

$99 for 3 dogs sharing

$119 for 4 dogs sharing

Prices are per day



Luxurious living in our McAlister Heights Luxury Suites


All of our pet guests can appreciate the lavish lifestyle in our spacious Luxury Suites. Every Luxury Suite features it's own private television, a full 6' x 9' room with glass pane doors and windows, plush bedding, stainless food and water bowls. Luxury pet guests receive a minimum of 4 outings a day in our play yard and all the love we can muster into that spacious room for your pet.

$53 for 1 dog

$84 for 2 dogs sharing

$107 for 3 dogs sharing

$127 for 4 dogs sharing

Prices are per day


Now offering doggie day care!


Sometimes you don’t need a full overnight of boarding, so we’re now offering doggie daycare! Our daycare spots are based on space availability so we do require that you call for an appointment. All our daycare guests must abide by the same requirements of our overnight guests.

Condo Daycare

$14.50 for one dog

$24.50 for two dogs sharing

Executive Suite Daycare

$19.50 for one dog

$34.50 for two dogs sharing

$49.50 for three dogs sharing

We want the best for your pet and that means keeping your pet safe - our doggie daycare is staff supervised at all times and family play only just for that reason. Your pet will receive an outside outing every 3 hours and can book any one of our “Pet Perks” during their stay as well!

Call or text us at 817-618-0000 to check availability and book your daycare appointment now!