Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis prides itself on quality, compassion and excellence in care. We understand how stressful it is leaving your pet behind while you go on vacation or on a business trip, because of that we vow to always offer the best possible care. All of our guest pets receive a minimum of 4 supervised outings a day and any guest pet staying over 3 days receives a complimentary basic bath. We also provide a peace of mind that if for any reason your pet needs veterinary care, your pet has access to our 24 hour emergency animal hospital (hospitalization fees apply) Burleson Animal Emergency Hospital.



We provide a variety of lodging selections for your pet, from our McAlister Mews Cat Condos to our McAlister Heights Luxury Suites. We promise you'll find something that you and your pet will both love.


Pet Perks & Á La Carte Services

We offer a variety of additional services that you can add on to your pet's stay to make it as stress free and relaxing for your pet while they are away from you. Our Á La Carte services can be booked without an overnight stay.


Cold Laser Therapy

Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis is proud to offer the latest in pet therapy. Aging pets and pets suffering from chronic medical conditions, such as arthritis or old injuries can benefit from cold laser therapy. Burleson Animal Emergency Hospital offers cold laser therapy for both guest pets of Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis and as a stand alone appointment based service.

Our Lodgings

Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis offers a variety of lodging solutions for your pet's boarding needs.

McAlister Mews Cat

McAlister Mews Cat Condos

Our cat condos range in sizes from 18x18 to 36x36 and can accommodate the smallest of cats to a duo of cats.

Single Cat $15

Two Cats Sharing $25


McAlister Village Dog Condos

McAlister Village Condos

Our McAlister Village Condos are the perfect for smaller breed dogs like Maltese, terriers and pugs. Ranging from 24x24 to 48x36 we're sure we'll find something that suits your little one's needs. Our larger condos can comfortably fit 3 dogs, 10lbs and under.

Single Dog $25

Two Dogs Sharing $45

Three Dogs Sharing $65


Executive Suite Dog

McAlister Heights Executive Suites

Medium to large breed dogs such as Labrador retrievers, Heelers, Shepherds and Staffordshire Terriers love our Executive Suites. Executive Suites are 3' x 5' and 5' x 6' and can accommodate up to 4 dogs.

Single Dog $35

Two Dogs Sharing $55

Three Dogs Sharing $75

Four Dogs Sharing $95


luxury suite dog

McAlister Heights Luxury Suites

All pets deserve to be spoiled! Our Luxury Suites have natural lighting, private televisions, glass front doors and windows, along with 6' x 9' of pure space. All that space makes our Luxury Suites ideal for "giant" dog breeds such as mastiffs and Danes, families of dogs and even if you just want to spoil your one and only baby.

Single Dog $49

Two Dogs Sharing $79

Three Dogs Sharing $98

Four Dogs Sharing $119


What's included in my pet's stay?

Your pet will receive a minimum of 4 potty breaks a day. Every outing is fully supervised by one of our resort staff members. If you would like for your pet to have an extended outing with play, you may purchase play times in 15-20 minute increments for $5 per every 15-20 minutes (longer plays depend on weather).

Guest pets staying more than 3 days receive a complimentary basic bath.

While we highly recommend and encourage you to bring your own pet's food from home*, we do offer at no extra fee a diet of Royal Canin Gastro-entestinal, that is formulated for sensitive stomachs. We do not provide puppy food, please bring your own food if you are boarding a dog under 1yr of age. 

We do have a variety of pet perks and services that your pet can receive while staying with us! Click the button below to find out the many ways you can spoil your pet. 

*food is required to be in air-tight or resealable containers. Food that is not in an air-tight or resealable container can attract pests to our boarding facility and is therefore prohibited.

Additional Fees

Flea Treatment


All guest pets that are not on a monthly preventative with proof of prevention are required to receive a Capstar flea treatment. Proof of prevention can be a receipt of purchase from your veterinarian or a prescription. Even if your pet is on a monthly preventative, your preventative (depending on the brand) may not kill any fleas already living on your pet or ones hitching a short ride. Capstar can be safely combined with any of the monthly preventatives. It's an oral tablet, that once ingested can kill fleas within 30 minutes.  While your pet won't be sharing a condo or a suite with any non-family pets, all of our guest pets share the same walk-ways, yard areas and general room. Our Capstar flea treatment is the best way to keep everyone flea free, to ensure a happy and healthy stay with Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis.

Medication Delivery

$3 per medication - per delivery

If your pet is on medications, we are happy to ensure that your pet receives them when you're not there. Medication delivery is $3 per delivery, per pet (delivery = each time we enter the pet’s lodging to administer medication).


After Hours Check In/Out


One of the great things about Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis is that we're connected to a 24 hour hospital. Even though our boarding reception is only open from 7am - 7pm, we're still here for you if you need us! If you need to check in/out before 7am or after 7pm, you may do so by appointment. There is a $15 convenience fee for staff to provide this after hour service. 


Replacement Fees

small beds $35

Medium Beds $50

Large Beds $100

We are thrilled that we can provide each of our guest pets a therapeutic bed or a coolaroo raised bed. Sometimes pets are stressed out because they are away from their pet parents and can act out by being destructive. If your pet damages one of Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis' beds you will be charged a replacement fee. If you know that your pet is destructive, please inform our resort staff and we will happily provide another bedding solution for your pet. What constitutes "damaged"? Damaged bedding includes but is not limited to; ripping, shredding, tearing, removing bits from or forming holes and excessively urinating on. If your pet has damaged a bed, we will immediately take a picture of it and email/text it to you, so you are aware of the accrued cost prior to check out.

You are also welcome to bring your own bedding from home for your pet, please note that bedding beyond a certain size may not fit in our washers and dryers and may be returned to you unlaundered. While we do our best to make sure all items coming with pets stay with your pets, we can not guarantee that your bedding will not be lost, stolen or damaged during your pet’s stay, and bringing any belongings from home acknowledges that you understand that risk.

Pet Perks & Á La Carte Services

Pet Perks are additional features that you can add on to your pet's stay to make their vacation just as fun and pleasant as your own.

Á La Carte services are services that can be booked without an overnight stay.

Our apologies at this time we do not offer baths to cats.

Cat owners can take advantage of our nail trims, ear cleanings and deshedding brush out!

Cold Laser Therapy

Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis believes in making every guest pet comfortable. Some guest pets have chronic pain from arthritis or old injuries, so we're proud to be able to offer cold laser therapy to your beloved pet.


What is cold laser therapy?

Cold laser therapy is a low-level laser, noninvasive procedure that uses light to increase blood circulation and cell regeneration stimulation. It's a fairly new concept that can treat dogs with arthritis, tendon or soft tissue injuries and promote healing of new wounds. It can even help regenerate nerve tissue after surgeries!

Your pet will receive an examination by one of the veterinarians at Burleson Animal Emergency Hospital and be taken to a private area, where they will then get to don some stylish googles to protect their eyes. A veterinarian or vet technician will then use a wand that produces a light and apply the wand to targeted areas.

Depending on the severity of your pet's trouble areas, your therapy plan will vary. We recommend 3 treatments in the first week, 2 treatments in the second week and 1 treatment in the third week and a "top-up" treatment may be needed every 6 weeks.

$40 Cold Laser

Cold laser therapy for boarding guest pets

Guest pets that are boarding with Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis get a discount at $40 per treatment during their stay. Exam is included for boarding pets. Cold laser therapy treatment can be given at any time during your pet's stay with us.

$60 Cold Laser

Cold Laser Therapy for non boarding pets

Pets that are not boarding with Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis can still come in for cold laser therapy treatments. Appointments are necessary for non-boarding pets. Therapy is $60 per treatment (not including exam fee or any other hospital fees).