Cold Laser Therapy

We believe in making every guest as comfortable as possible. Some of our guests have chronic pain from arthritis or old injuries, so we're proud to be able to offer cold laser therapy to help ease some of their discomfort.

How Cold Laser Therapy Works

Cold laser therapy is a low-level laser, noninvasive procedure that uses light to increase blood circulation and stem cell regrowth, and healing. This proven treatment can help dogs and cats with arthritis, tendon or soft tissue injuries, and promote healing of new wounds. It can even help regenerate nerve tissue after surgery.

Your pet will receive an examination by one of the veterinarians at Burleson Animal Emergency Hospital (located in the same building), then taken to a private area, where they will don some stylish goggles to protect their eyes. A veterinarian or veterinary technician will then apply a laser directly to targeted areas.

dog laser therapy in burleson, tx
cat being comforted

Cold Laser Therapy Duration

Each pet’s personal therapy plan varies depending on the severity of their situation. We generally recommend three treatments in the first week, 2 treatments in the second week and 1 treatment in the third week. A "top-up" treatment may be needed every 6 weeks.