Frequently Asked Questions


What is needed to book a stay?

Booking a reservation at The Burleson Pet Resort and Oasis is easy and convenient. Simply click here to begin your pet’s reservation. Please note that a 30% non-refundable deposit is required when making your reservation to hold your booking; the remaining payment in full is due at check-in.

You will also need to return our Boarding Packet. In the packet you will find a Boarding Agreement, Veterinary Consent to Treat, a Reimbursement Consent (should a pet destroy resort property), and an optional Photo Release. All forms in the packet must be filled out and brought to us at check-in time. We are happy to give you one upon arrival, or you can download it here.

Finally, please ensure that your pet is up-to-date with his or her vaccinations at least two weeks before check-in. Find out more about which vaccinations we require here.

Why do you prefer for my pet to get a canine influenza vaccine?

While not required for your dog’s visit, we highly recommend he or she receives the canine influenza vaccine. Canine “flu” is a very serious illness that is often mistaken for upper respiratory infection. It is extremely contagious and can endanger your dog’s health. Giving your dog this vaccine is an extra precaution when bringing them to Burleson Pet Resort & Oasis—even though we clean and sanitize all areas multiple times each day. This is because airborne diseases like canine influenza can still be transmitted. Protect your dog from possible infection with vaccines for canine influenza and Bordetella (kennel cough).

Is my pet cared for 24 hours a day?

Our resort is staffed 24 hours a day! From 6:30am to 8:00pm, our staff takes care of all your pet’s needs. At night, an experienced veterinary technician makes sure that guests are comfortable, accommodations are tidy, and that all pets are medically sound before going to sleep. This ensures that your pet gets the personalized attention and rest they deserve and has a stress-free stay with us.

Can I bring my pet’s belongings?

Absolutely! Bring your pet’s bedding, toys, and food bowls (please limit to two of each) to our resort.* Please note that dogs can become stressed outside of familiar surroundings and can exhibit behaviors such as destruction and chewing on things. While this is normal and indicative of separation anxiety, we ask that you please leave the following items at home:

  • Bedding containing buttons or small plastic parts
  • Plastic toys or toys with small plastic parts (like bears with button eyes)
  • Bedding that shreds easily such as crocheted blankets
  • Thin, plastic food bowls

These items are prohibited and if brought will not be placed with your pet to prevent ingestion of foreign bodies.

*We are not liable for any lost, stolen, or damaged bedding during your pet’s stay. We cannot guarantee that any bedding brought will be laundered before return.

Do you have minimum and/or maximum boarding stays?

Our resort offers pet accommodations with a minimum 24-hour stay and no maximum. All guests receive a complimentary bath after a three-day stay. We also have special 10-day packages available, call (817) 618-0000 to learn more.


Why am I required to leave a deposit?

Just as with a hotel for people, your 30% non-refundable deposit holds your reservation and ensures that your pet will have their preferred accommodations available at check-in time.

Can I come in for a tour?

Yes! We invite you to tour our resort any time during the day after 9:00 AM and before 6:00 PM. Tours include our lobby, McAlister Village, McAlister Heights and our play yard. To keep our hospital patients calm and hospital areas disinfected, tours are limited to just the resort. Please note that cats reside in a private area in our hospital in order to keep them as calm as possible during their stay.

Will you give my pet its medications?

If your pet takes daily medication, we are happy to provide medication delivery service for just $3 per delivery (each time we enter your pet’s accommodations to administer medication), per pet.

What happens if my pet gets ill while under your care?

Our resort is located right next to Burleson Animal Emergency Hospital, where highly skilled veterinarians and technicians are available 24/7 to provide veterinary care should your pet need it during their stay. (Hospitalization fee will apply).

How often will you communicate with me while my pet is with you?

We want you to know your fur baby is in good hands while you’re away! We send regular updates via email or text as requested, and are available by phone to report on how your pooch or puffball is doing.


How many times a day does my pet get to go outside?

All of our canine guests staying with us receive a minimum of four potty breaks per day. Off-leash playtimes are available for $5 per 15-20 minute increments (longer plays are dependent on the weather). Walks start at 6:30am on arrival of resort staff, with the last walk for the night given prior to resort staff leaving at 8:00pm.

What types of activities and perks do you include with regular boarding?

We love taking walks and playing with your pups, as well as entertaining the kitties with teasers and catnip mice! Our canine guests receive a minimum of four potty breaks each day, and every outing is fully supervised by a resort staff member. Kitties receive twice daily housekeeping and exercise time outside of their accommodations.

What activities and perks are available for extra pampering?

We have many A La Carte services available for purchase such as baths, mani/pedi, nail trim, gland expression, ear cleaning, de-shedding, extended playtime, laser tag, massage, bedtime story, and more! Click here to explore your options.


What type of food do you provide?

We provide a veterinarian-approved Royal Canin Gastrointestinal at $5 a day. We use this special blend because it is very mild and easy on sensitive stomachs while still providing the high quality nutrients your pet needs. You are more than welcome and encouraged to bring your own pet’s diet from home! We do not provide puppy/kitten food—if you are boarding a pet that is less than one-year-old, we highly recommend that you bring your own food.

Why do we have to bring our food in baggies or air-tight containers?

Baggies and air-tight containers ensure that food brought from home does not attract any pests to our storage closets and boarding areas. These containers help us to maintain cleanliness and keep a healthy environment for your pet and others.